Construction Services


Construction Services

Selecting the right contractor is key to maximizing your return on investment. Leverage our experience to determine what renovations and levels of investment make sense to help you attract quality tenants.

When you’re ready to make a real estate investment, we offer pre-acquisition services to aid in your evaluation such as:

  • Drive-by assessment
  • Home inspection
  • Property assessment reporting

Once you acquire an investment property, every day your property sits vacant costs you money. You need to quickly make all of the necessary repairs and renovations to get the residence move-in ready. 

Leveraging a core team of professional general contractors, as well as local, reliable inspectors and vendors, we'll manage the repairs and renovations so you can be confident you're getting quality work at a great value. 


Customize your plan to help you achieve greater profit

Our renovation services team consults with clients to scope and design a renovation plan to help improve overall investment profitability.

Deliver quality and value

Take advantage of our extensive network of quality general contractors committed to handling renovations and repairs at our competitive, negotiated pricing.


Our customer service hotline offers top-notch support, connecting you with our network of in-house contractors and local brokers when you need them. 

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