Episode 53: Buy-and-Hold Investing with National Home Rentals CEO Jim Athanasopoulos

In this episode of The Investability Podcast, Dennis interviews Jim Athanasopoulos, CEO of National Home Rentals. Jim began his career as a lawyer but began flipping properties on the side. As he ramped up his investments, he realized he was finding lucrative returns without the time commitment he faced in his role as an attorney. As lenders like B2R Finance and CoreVest entered the space, he also found it easier and easier to finance his investments.

Fast forward to today, National Home Rentals has over 1,000 properties in their portfolio. The team casts a wide net when it comes to acquiring new rentals, including multifamily, condos, townhomes and single-family homes. NHR takes a unique strategy in that the firm doesn’t shy away for significant value add deals. The firm will take on distressed properties, sometimes in need of construction equivalent to 40% of the purchase price, and will do the capital expenditure type renovations upfront before tenanting. While this can cut into their year one returns, because the strategy is long-term holding, it’s easier to maintain the properties going forward upon tenanting.

Jim’s advice to new investors is take the plunge. The real estate investment space is great for individual investors as well as institutions because of the advances in financing. As the asset class continues to mature and Fannie and Freddie enter the space, opportunity will continue to flourish for those ready to take advantage of it. Visit nationalhomerentals.com to learn more and be sure to follow the podcast on social media: @investpodcast

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