Episode 2: Where Should You Invest

This episode of The Real Investor Podcast covers hot rental markets. Probably the most asked question, people want to know where they should invest in real estate. Interestingly, the smaller the investor, the closer their investment properties tend to be to where they live. However, as an investor grows their portfolio, they begin to move their investments further and further away from their primary residence. As resources, information and properties have become more readily available, it’s become easier than ever to invest outside of home markets and branch into what may actually be better rental markets.

The freedom to invest in markets other than your own becomes important when there are no affordable properties with income generating potential nearby. Thanks to the evolution of the real estate investment industry as a whole and advances in technology, you can now access those opportunities regardless. Dennis advises investors to avoid the West Coast and to avoid purchasing investment properties based on speculative appreciation. It’s wise to look more closely at the cash flow potential. Many of these higher cash flow opportunities are in larger cities in the Midwest, the South and a few markets in the Northeast. Check out our market pages to learn more!

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