How To Invest In Real Estate – The New Investor’s 6 Step Checklist for Success

Investability was designed to help real estate investors like you navigate the somewhat unclear and confusing realm of real estate investing. There’s no doubt investing in real estate comes with countless benefits, but many people are deterred because they don’t feel empowered to make informed decisions and of course, don’t want to waste their hard-earned money. That’s where we come in.

We arm you with the tools needed to choose strong investment opportunities. Our goal is to provide a resource for investors to get the education and professional support they need to facilitate a profitable deal from the comfort of their home, regardless of location. 

That said, just like any other investment, there are risks associated with real estate investing. Despite the claims of many industry “gurus”, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll “get rich quick” – like anything else, success comes from hard work and dedication.  Other sites prey on new investors’ lack of knowledge by trying to sell single-family residential (SFR) investments with unrealistic numbers and assumptions. At Investability, our hope is to bridge the gap by representing rental properties honestly and equipping you with the knowledge necessary to carry you into future deals. This checklist is a tool for new investors as they embark on their first real estate investment, as well as a good refresher for experienced investors looking to get back to the basics. We’ll break down each step in the blog series, helping to guide you through the process of acquiring a profitable rental property: 

  1. Defining Your Investment Strategy
  2. How to Finance Your Real Estate Investments
  3. How to Search for Rental Property and Analyze Rental Markets
  4. How to Make an Offer on an Investment Property
  5. What to Look for When Conducting Due Diligence
  6. The Ins and Outs of Owning a Rental Property
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