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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to become an Investor member of Investability?
No. Investability was built to be a relevant, objective-based search tool that caters to real estate investors and professionals. We welcome you on our site and there is no membership fee to use our powerful tools or view listings.
If I was reviewing a property of interest and it is now gone, what does that mean?
The property in question may have been sold or the listing removed.
Why do some properties show rental or equity estimates while others do not?
In certain cases, there is not enough data available to calculate a credible estimate. In these cases, Investability omits these estimates instead of possibly posting misleading information. As always, we encourage you to connect with the local real estate professional available through Investability.com to verify rental data.
How do I contact Investability?
You can contact us any time through our online form under the Contact Us Page or by emailing us at info@investability.com.
What are the benefits to using Investability to search for investment properties?

Investability believes in providing real estate investors with sound tools for making their investment purchase decisions. We guarantee that every buyer on our site will have buyer's representation, encouraging a more informed transaction process. We provide investor-centric calculators that allow you to search for specific criteria to meet your individual needs including net yield, cash flow and cash-on-cash return. We also require that every property on our site be listed by a licensed real estate professional, fly-by-night deals aren't welcome here!

Self-directed retirement plan investors can search by down payment percentage to ensure they meet the criteria for these types of investments.

Is there a fee to become a Professional member of Investability?

Professional memberships to Investability are currently FREE. However, we will soon be offering a Professional Services platform with enhanced tools to help you achieve your business goals.